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Birdwatching Spain | Wildlife tours in Spain

Spain with Pau Lucio

Would you like to arrange your own wildlife holiday in Spain? If Honeyguide's holidays are not at the right time or right place, we are happy to suggest you contact Pau Lucio, who also organises and co-leads three of Honeyguide's various holidays in Spain.

Honeyguide holidays in Spain will continue, of course, though not to every part of Spain every year.

Pau is very experienced in the Honeyguide style, and is open to approaches to arrange a wildlife holiday of your choice in Spain.

Pau Lucio is an accredited and registered tour guide - as you have to be in Spain. For more information about holidays with Pau, visit Birdwatching Spain.

Pau Lucio in the Picos de Europa.

Suggestions for Spain with Pau

A Honeyguide destination such as Valencia or La Mancha at a different time of year.

Here are a few more ideas: better still, browse Pau's web pages.

Iberian lynx tour; Orchid tours;

Iberian lynx tour
Iberian lynx

Bird watching tour Valencia; Dragonflies in Valencia;

Butterflies and birds in Granada; Steppe birds of Alicante and Valencia.

mirror orchids Silene diclinis (Pau Lucio) Tolpis
Mirror orchids, Silene diclinisTolpis barbata, all from Valencia.

Next steps to your 'Spain with Pau' holiday

Holidays can be arranged in two ways.

1. You can contact Pau directly, make a plan and organise your own flights or other travel to Spain (we may be able to advise on how).

2. Contact us. We can book flights, it then becomes a small Honeyguide group, and your holiday is covered by Honeyguide's ATOL.

Pau Lucio: a brief biography

Pau  lives near Valencia and runs a wildlife tour company Birdwatching Spain. He is involved in conservation projects on bird migration and the importance of Spanish coastal wetlands for species such as moustached and Savi’s warblers.

Pau's vehicle

Pau has collaborated with SEO/Birdlife and spent nine months at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge. He also works at a nature reserve where he guides visitors through the forest and marshes.

Pau's vehicle with slender-billed gull design

Honeyguide destinations with Pau are:

Valencia map


La Mancha, spring and autumn.

Picos de Europa map

Picos de Europa

Useful web pages

Iberian orchids

Orchid photos by Pau

La Mancha flora: a web page with some tricky species from this region.

"EL HONDO - A Birding Paradise"

Short documentary about El Hondo Natural Park, in Alicante (Spain).

Holiday reports

Picos de Europa, June 2023.

Picos de Europa, June 2022.

Picos de Europa, June 2019.

Valencia, March 2020.

Valenica, March 2018.

Valencia, Feb-March 2016.

La Mancha, May 2019.

La Mancha May 2017.

La Mancha, October 2014.

Orchis cazorlensis

Orchis cazorlensis, La Mancha.

Wildlife pictures from Honeyguide holidays with Pau

Links are Facebook photo sets unless otherwise noted.

Picos de Europa 2023

Picos de Europa 2022

David Bennett, Picos de Europa, June 2022 (OneDrive)

Graham Phillips, Picos de Europa, Picos 2022

Photos from Mervin Nethercoat from 2018 on flickr

Valencia, March 2020.

Valencia orchids 2018.

Flowers of Valencia: photoset from the Valencia holiday in February-March 2016.

Photos from Mervin Nethercoat from Valencia 2018 on flickr

La Mancha, May 2017.

La Mancha, Oct 2014.

Photos from Mervin Nethercoat from 2018 on flickr

Valencia orchids 2018 on Facebook.

Pictures on this page are by Pau Lucio and Chris Durdin.

Facebook Honeyguide
... where there are many holiday photos to enjoy.

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