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by Chris Durdin

This page is to record written publications and similar by Chris Durdin, with links where they exist.

It is work in progress and certainly incomplete. It excludes (1) a large number of Honeyguide holiday reports, (2) Honeyguide blogs and (3) Honeyguide brochures, recent copies of which are in this website's archive.


With John Buxton, The Norfolk Cranes' Story published in hardback in 2011 and in paperback in 2019.

  • Also obituary for John Buxton in British Birds journal, May 2014: this also appears in the paperback edition of The Norfolk Cranes' Story.
  • The biggest bloody herons. Cranes again in Wild & Wonderful Norfolk, a 'bookazine' published by Norfolk Wildlife Trust to mark its 90 year anniversary, 2016. This later appeared as four blogs - see blogs section on cranes news page here.
  • Articles about cranes/ The Norfolk Cranes' Story in Harnser, magazine of the Broads Society. One example from January 2022 here.

AA/Ordnance Survey Leisure Guide, East Anglia (1989) pp12-16: 'A Paradise for Birdwatchers'.

Ordnance Survey Nature Atlas of Great Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands (1995). Colour Library Books, Godalming. Site accounts for 'East Anglia and region'.

Radio Norfolk, The First Ten Years. BBC, 1990. (PDF of two page contribution).

Contributor to Norfolk's Wonderful 150 - see NNNS section below.

RSPB policy documents

Suffolk's Changing Coast (2005) with Renny Henderson. News story here.

A Greener Future for the Broads (2008). News story on BirdGuides or The Guardian or Daily Telegraph.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust, mostly Thorpe Marshes

Nature Notes from NWT Thorpe Marshes: four articles a year in Harnser, magazine of the Broads Society, January 2014 to recently.

Thorpe Parish Life, 12 articles January-December 2017 (example for January 2017)

NWT blogs: blogs for Norfolk Wildlife Trust, mostly about NWT Thorpe Marshes, are listed in the right hand column of the Thorpe Marshes web page. Wildlife reports for Thorpe Marshes (2012 to the present) are also on this page.

Contributor to, and proof-reader for, Let Nature Inspire - Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

Norfolk Bird Report

The Great Auk Wreck in Norfolk Bird and Mammal Report 1983, pp360-364.

Yarmouth’s Little Terns in Norfolk Bird and Mammal Report 1992 pp430-431.

Articles also written for Norfolk Bird Club bulletin e.g. on RSPB prosecution relating to release of chukar/red-legged partridge hybrids, but no trace of these online. The NBC no longer exists.

Norfolk & Norwich Naturalists Society (NNNS)

Norfolk's Wonderful 150 (published 2020): two species accounts, for crane and little tern. See blog.

Natterjack 140, February 2018 pp1-2: Purple Viper's Bugloss in Thorpe St Andrew (also as a web page here).

Natterjack 142, August 2018 pp3-7: Willow Emerald Damselflies: new tree and shrub species with egg-laying scars.

Natterjack 148, February 2020 pp4-6: Willow Emerald Damselflies: more species with egg-laying scars. The two willow emerald articles are also as a web page here).

Natterjack 156, February 2022, pp3-5: Three more records of Hoof Fungus gnats (following up this article). Also online as a blog.

Natterjack 160, February 2023, p1: Hoof Fungus co-habiting

Natterjack 164, February 2024, p6: Ivy Bee expanding tastes

RSPB research/survey reports and allied papers

  • Breeding redshanks of Essex saltmarshes c.1994 (also Essex Bird Report paper)
  • Broads ESA breeding waders 1995
  • Broads wintering waterfowl 1996/7
  • Estuaries reports x 7, produced in connection with presentations to District/Borough Councils.
  • Southend Flats Wader and Wildfowl Survey
  • Breeding redshanks on The Wash report and paper [Norris, K., Cook, T., O'Dowd, B., & Durdin, C. 1997. The density of Redshank Tringa totanus breeding on the salt-marshes of the Wash in relation to habitat and its grazing
    management. J. Appl Ecol. 34: 999-1013.]

RSPB sabbatical reports

(1) wildlife tourism (1990)

(2) stone-curlews in northern Spain and south-west France (1995).

(3) cranes (c.2009)

Farming & wildlife pieces: various eg Article in Autumn 2000 Birds magazine on Ed Cross’s farm; NFU regional journal; Cambridgeshire Farms Estate newsletter; RSPB newsletter for farmers.

Chris Durdin

Chris Durdin

Personal profiles


WISEarchive: biographical notes from Chris, 1970s to today, in this interview on WISEarchive a record of Norfolk working lives.

This is also in the WISEarchive book, though the book has some missing words which means there is an error at one point.

The interview is in the Norfolk marshes section, a project encouraged and supported by the Water, Mills & Marshes project coordinated by the Broads Landscape Partnership Scheme. 

WingSearch 2020: written interview with Chris by Honeyguider Barry Madden, who this year was on a quest (albeit interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic) to see 2020 species of birds, butterflies and moths.

Eastern Daily Press 2015

Goodbye to Chris Involve, the RSPB's volunteering newsletter, Eastern England, summer 2008



List of blogs for Norfolk Wildlife Trust on the Thorpe Marshes webpage. Mostly on the NWT blog, and mostly but not all about NWT Thorpe Marshes nature reserve, and some related subjects.

Honeyguide blogspot, various blogs, from January 2018 onwards.



Countryfile 2016, with more on this via the Norfolk Cranes news page.

The Naked Scientist 2008 about wetlands.


Mentions in books

In Last Chorus: an Autobiographical Medley by Humphrey Lyttelton. More in A Humphrey Lyttelton anecdote.

In The Big Bird Race by Bill Oddie and David Tomlinson (Collins, 1983), p80.

In Life with Birds by Rob Hume, a former RSPB colleague.


Natterjack 160

Natterjack 160, February 2023, p1: Hoof Fungus co-habiting

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