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Welcome to Honeyguide

Coronavirus: see news.

Welcome to Honeyguide Wildlife Holidays, starting our 31st season of natural history holidays in very different circumstances to the previous 30 years.

There will be no Honeyguide brochure for 2021 on account of the uncertainties due to the coronavirus pandemic, which makes longer-term planning difficult as rules and advice about travel overseas change on a regular basis.

Therefore, this website becomes the main reference for Honeyguide's holidays. The programme is more limited and changeable than usual, with the main focus on UK holidays for the first time. These two are planned for November 2020 (latest, 16/10 - Wild Essex is cancelled as Essex has high alert Covid restrictions):

North Norfolk 13-15 November 2020

Wild Essex 17-19 November 2020

Holkham Beach Brent geese
Holkham Beach,
North Norfolk; brent geese, icon of Wild Essex.

As well as the above, later we plan more holidays or breaks within the UK to follow up our successful Norfolk breaks. Weekly local walks in Norfolk have started: contact us if you'd like to go on the circulation list for these.

We are pleased to help with group holidays – a holiday for (say) five friends could work with current restrictions. Please browse our nature notes too.

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The website's menu on the left hand side lists oversea holidays for autumn 2020 and early 2021, still to be updated. Realistically none of the overseas holidays this year (2020) are looking likely to run. Time has run out for Madeira bookings; FCO advice has discouraged travel to Crete since this holiday was set up; for The Gambia we are waiting to see developments on coronavirus restrictions.

Below that (and also on our calendar) are plans for 2021. However for now we are not taking bookings for holidays listed here, in case travel is not possible. That especially applies for countries where travel is contrary to FCO advice, such as Spain and France. There is no sense in taking bookings until we know travel is possible. If things become easier and an appetite for travel overseas returns - about which hearing from you helps a great deal - we'll look at additional holidays.

If you would like an old Honeyguide Wildlife Holidays brochure, please contact us.

Some holidays run in the past are in our archive section, and many of these could return to the programme in a future year.

The Honeyguide Wildlife Charitable Trust remains strong, though inevitably there are far fewer donations to conservation projects in 2020 than usual. This works through a conservation contribution with each overseas holiday of £40, which goes through the Honeyguide Wildlife Charitable Trust.

This idea, still surprisingly rarely copied, remains a simple and effective way of helping to protect the wildlife we enjoy. Donations to conservation projects linked to our holidays in 2019 totalled £6,840, and our running total since 1991 is £136,412 (to April 2020). Through the Honeyguide Charity, the taxman tops up our contributions.

Holidays give the typical flights we use, but where practical we can arrange flights from airports near to where you live, or help with other arrangements. Carbon offsets are part of each holiday’s price. Prefer not to fly? We're happy to make that possible, more on our ATOL page.

Rules about selling travel insurance mean if you want Honeyguide’s insurance you need to go straight to our broker rather than buying a policy directly from Honeyguide. Details are on our booking page and there is also help here on how to book parking and hotels at airports.

I hope you’ll want to find out more by exploring this website further.

Chris Durdin

Advice from FCO:travel aware logo

What does the ATOL logo mean? Read more here >

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PDF of Honeyguide's brochure for 2020 on our holiday calendar page, plus availability updates.

For our news pages click here, or start with headlines and news in brief below.

Holidays in autumn 2020

North Norfolk 13-15 November 2020 with Honeyguide's Rob Lucking.

Wild Essex 17-19 November 2020 with Honeyguide's Chris Gibson.

Recently completed: four Norfolk breaks with Honeyguide's Chris Durdin, September 2020. See highlights and photos in news.

Honeyguiders' photo albums

Cameradiary: this new photo-album — the name is a play of words on the camaraderie created by sharing photos through 'Honeyguiders in Lockdown' — is open for Honeyguiders to contribute photos, comment and keep in touch.

Honeyguiders in Lockdown: this photo-album from Honeyguiders at home on account of lockdown is now closed for new photos, but is still available to view.

Pre-lockdown news

Valencia highlights in 'Valencia diaries'; also flying squirrels and ringed seals in Estonia ... read more on the Honeyguide blog.

Gambian certificate of appreciation; a new butterfly reserve for Valencia, in news.

The Gambia, certificate of appreciation
The Gambia, certificate of appreciation.

Thorpe St Andrew Marshes. Wildlife sightings, blogs and news from Norfolk Wildlife Trust's nature reserve.
Guided walks resume in October.

Honeyguide blog: local walks with Honeyguide; perfoliate alexanders; bee orchids.

Updated October 2020

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... where there are many holiday photos to enjoy.

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The air holidays shown are ATOL Protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our ATOL number is ATOL 3253. ATOL Protection extends primarily to customers who book and pay in the United Kingdom. Click on the ATOL logo if you want to know more.

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